May your life together be full of love and your love full of life

Anything and everything you need for your special day and so much more.

A true Love Story never ends
A Marchese Estate Interpretation
Wedding Styles

Country-chic Marchese
A chic touch for your big day. We will design something special for you and tailor your plans to your liking. All the details – from mason jar cocktails to wooden panels, we will be sure your wedding will be all imaginable.

Luxury Marquis
Elaborate! A luxurious moment in your life. So let us design it to be as lavish and impressive as it should be! You and your guests will be celebrating your love.

Modern Marchese
The modern wedding is contemporary classic. The design manifests a crisp and clean look. We are a representative of your partner and a couple of sophistication and poise. Less is more. The day is about your unity and the beginning of life, together.

Marquis Tailormade
It’s your day. You’ve been dreaming about it, imagining all the details-the colors, centerpieces, signature cocktails, photography poses. Why should not you customize your day? Let us design a wedding as unique as the love you share.


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